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The Yard

It is important to make your yard as secure as possible to deter potential offenders from taking your property.


You should ensure that your yard has a gate at its access point which is padlocked at both ends using thick, durable chains and padlocks. A yard without a locked gate will be an easy target for offenders to lead horses straight out and onto a lorry.
Although we recommend locking yard gates to prevent the removal of horses do not put padlocks on your horse’s stable doors or on a horse barn door. In case of a fire horses will need to be easily removed and taken to a safe location such as their field.


Use thick, heavy duty chains and padlocks


Security lights/cameras

Any potential offenders will not want to be seen, so having security lights fitted particularly in areas such as the yard gates, tack room door will help to deter them. We also recommend that your security lights are fitted with a metal grill to prevent a potential offender disabling the light, and placed high enough to avoid tampering.

Lock tools/wheel barrows away

Do not make life easy for a potential thief by leaving any tools on your yard which they could use to assist them in removing locks or breaking into other locked areas. Also store the yards wheelbarrows away as these would offer a thief a convenient method of removing your property.

2Don’t make life easy for an offender by providing them with the tools to steal your property.


Tack Room

We advise against labelling the tack room as this is effectively pointing an arrow to where X your expensive tack is kept.

The tack room should be a secure location - a brick built room is more secure than a wooden structure. We would also recommend:

Horsewatch Signs

Offenders are less likely to commit a crime in an area where they think they may be be seen, or if it is highlighted that the property at your yard is marked. Members can request a free Horsewatch sign for their yard gates by contacting us.